Bachelor programs in engineering and architectural engineering

Students wishing to enrol in a bachelor program in engineering or architectural engineering must pass an entrance examination.


All the candidates must sit four written papers covering the basics of  trigonometry, geometry, algebra and calculus as taught at the secondary school level unless they already hold a bachelor degree in a related scientific field.


In addition, for those candidates who do not hold a certificate of higher secondary education awarded by a Belgian school (CESS) or an equivalent certificate, the examination will also have sections covering French (written and oral tests), a second language (open choice between Dutch, German, English and Latin) as well as history, geography and sciences (physics, chemistry and biology).


Entrance examinations are organized twice a year, i.e. in July and September.

Students finishing their secondary school in a Belgian school but who have retakes in September are strongly encouraged to register to the entrance exam in July and to take only the math tests.  If they pass, they will be admitted when they receive their secondary school degree.


            >>> more about the entrance examination. 


The general rules for admission at the University of Liège also apply.  In particular, the candidates have to prove their profiency in French (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).  Candidates from outside EU must submit a formal application through the admissions office before taking the entrance examination.        

Master programs and bachelor program in computer science

There is no entrance examination for these programs but the general rules for admission at the University of Liège apply.  In particular, the candidates must prove their profiency in the language of instruction, i.e. eiter French or English (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Applications must be submitted electronically through the admissions office.

PhD program

The PhD program is accessible to those holding an academic master degree (at least 300 credits).  Applications must be approved by the relevant doctoral college and by an academic supervisor.


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