Choosing a topic, a company or a research center

Proposals are collected from partner companies and research centers.  They are e-mailed to students with the weekly bulletin.  A consolidated list of topics is available below.


Please chose your host company as soon as possible to make sure that the organizational, technical and administrative details are settled before you start your internship.


Carefully read the course description for specific details and discuss them in advance with your supervisor and/or the internship coordinator of your program.


               >>> List of proposed internships and master thesis (intranet only).


Administrative issues

Before the start of the internship, an agreement must be signed by the trainee, the host institution/company and the academic internship coordinator.  This agreement will clarify the duties and responsabilities of the different stakeholders.


If a specific risk is anticipated, a detailed risk analysis must be carried out and a medical examination must be taken.


If yourplacement is abroad, you can receive an Erasmus internship scholarship. The risk analysis form is then useless.


               >>> Internship agreement

               >>> Risk analysis form




Specific assement procedures are in place in the different master programs.


They all require that a training evaluation form be filled in by the representative of your host institution and sent to internship coordinator.


               >>> Evaluation form

Internship coordinators

Aerospace engineering

Electro-mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering



 Architecture and engineering

 Shady ATTIA


 Civil engineering


 Sébastien ERPICUM

 Geology and mining engineering



Electrical engineering


 Christophe GEUZAINE

Computer science

Computer science and engineering

 Benoit DONNET (Research Internship)

 Laurent MATHY (Technical Company internship)


 Physical engineering


 Tristan GILET

 Biomedical engineering


 Liesbet GERIS

 Chemical and materials engineering







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