Master Thesis

The master thesis is an original, usually individual, work by which the candidate finishing their master program demonstrates their technical and scientific expertise in their field and their ability to carry out a large scale project. The master thesis is made under the guidance of a academic promoter and/or an industrial expert.  It is often coupled with an internship in a company or a research centre, in Belgium or abroad. The final test consists in drafting a dissertation presenting the results obtained by the candidate and defending it in front of members of the research staff of the faculty and/or qualified external experts.


               >>> List of internship proposal and Master thesis topics (reserved access).


4 important steps

  • Initiate the master thesis
  • Write the master thesis
  • Remove the master thesis
  • Defend the master thesis


The student is supervised by a promoter and possibly a co-promoter. The master thesis and the oral presentation are evaluated by a jury composed of a minimum of 3 members, including the promoter, who has followed the student throughout his or her work, and an external member, often from the business world.


Initiate the master thesis

Students who enroll in a master thesis must submit the preminary title of their dissertation through the MatheO system (Ulg repository for master theses) from 1st November and by November 30 at the latest


Attention: The student is also asked to enter the composition of his jury (promoter + members) by November 30th.


To increase their chance of completing their master thesis in due time, students are strongly advised to choose their topic as soon as possible, preferably in May or June the year before enrolling in the course. The candidates can then start gathering relevant information and plan a related internship during summer holidays.


               >>> List of proposed topics (intranet only).


Students are invited to consult the following documents:


Writing the dissertation

The candidate writes a dissertation describing the study context, their approach and main achievements.  The cover page contains, at least,

  • the logo of the University of Liège; Download the logo
  • the words "University of Liège - Faculty of Applied Sciences"
  • the title of the dissertation,
  • the text "Graduation Studies conducted for obtaining the Master's degree in "... Engineering" or "Computer science" by [full name]"
  • the academic year.


When specific goals and technical specifications have been agreed upon, they are also mentioned in the dissertation.


Some deparments have adopted specific regulations about the content and/or presentation of the master thesis (for exemple, the Department of Chemical Engineering). Please contact the academic coordinator of your master program for specific information.


The University of Liège offers specific assistance to students writing their imaster thesis.


Submitting the dissertation

The dissertation must be submitted through MatheO by January 5 (January session), June 8 (June session) or August 20 (September session).  If no dissertation is submitted by the expected deadline, the examination process is delayed until the next examination session.


Concretely, you are asked:


  • To download your TFE on the platform MATHEO ( without forgetting:For dissemination purposes, the candidate also submits a (separate) one-page summary with the title of their work, their name and surname, their affiliation, the current academic year, the name of their promoter and a 20 line summary of their main achievements.  In addition, the candidates uploads representative illustrations of their work.


When uploaded on the server, the dissertation will be subjected to an anti-plagiarism software and an administrative check by the administrative manager. If a problem prevents the administrative validation of the document, the author will be notified by the administrative manager and invited to fix any possible issue.


  • When uploading their files on the MatheO server, the candidate selects the privacy level applicable to their work (see handbook available on MATHEO).  By default, the dissertation should be made publicly available.


  • The electronic version of the dissertation is automatically made available online to the reading committee.  In addition, the candidate hands out, or sends, a printed copy of their dissertation to the master thesis coordinator and to each of the members of their reading committee (or to the people identified by them) who have expressed this wish and whose names are listed here.



  • For the EEI (Montefiore) department, the paper versions can be deposited in the office of Mrs. Sophie CIMINO (B28 - local 1.75b)
  • For students in Aerospace, Mechanics and Electromechanics, the paper versions can be deposited in the office of Mrs. Sabine HOUTEN (B52 - local +2/429).


Defending the master thesis


The candidate who has submitted their dissertation in due time is admitted to the public presentation in front of a jury consisting of the reading committee and the coordinator. The session is chaired by the academic coordinator.


Be careful, the modalities of presentation (for example, the time devoted to the presentation of the student or the questions of the members of the jury) may vary from one section to another. Check with your Section Coordinator to prepare for your defense.


Master theses submitted for the June session will be publicly defended on the 25th and 26th of june 2017 at the Montefiore Institute (B28 building).  Public defenses for the Septembre session will take place on the 6th and 7th of September 2017.


You will find here the list of TFE 2016-2017 (a red square means that the student will present his TFE at the September session).


Detailed timetables will be communicated in a timely manner via the "Schedule and Timetable"



Contact(s) : Monique Drianne