Presidents and secretaries of the juries - 2020-2021

  Président Secrétaire
Admission exam Dean Eric Delhez Quentin Louveaux
1st cycle - Bachelor
BSc in Engineering Vincent Denoël Quentin Louveaux
BSc in Architectural Engineering Sigrid Reiter Shady Attia
BSc in Computer Science Pascal Gribomont Benoit Donnet
 2nd cycle - Master
MSc in Architectural Engineering Sigrid Reiter Shady Attia
MSc in Civil Engineering Jean-Pierre Jaspart Michel Pirotton
MSc in Geological and Mining Engineering Frédéric Nguyen Serge Brouyère
MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering Angélique Léonard Nathalie Job
MSc in Electrical Engineering Philippe Vanderbemden Pierre Sacré
MSc in Aerospace Engineering Jean-Philippe Ponthot Gaëtan Kerschen
MSc in Electromechanical Engineering Pierre Dewallef Vincent Lemort
MSc in Mechanical Engineering Olivier Bruls Eric Bechet
MSc in Physics Engineering Benoit Vanderheyden Maarten Arnst
MSc in Biomedical Engineering Liesbet Geris Guillaume Drion
Computer Science Laurent Mathy Bernard Boigelot

Data Science

Pierre Geurts Gilles Louppe


List of presidents and secretaries for 2019-2020

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